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a healing journey of osteopathic touch






lawrence rincon, sacred plant medicine ayahuasca pathfinder guide

​    our cells posses a self-healing wisdom that faithfully works to optimize the health of our mind~body~spirit, a whole greater than it's parts. 

Lawrence Rincon, you create your world, we co-create our world
fascial matrix supporting nerves and blood vessels

structure and function are reciprocally interrelated :   how we live life shapes our body. 

likewise, we can use our body to shape our lives 

... this unique life is recorded in our fascia, an intelligent connective tissue matrix surrounding and supporting nerves, muscles, and organs. it itself is the organ of form. 



external connnection to nature allows internal connection to healing

by moving gently into

stillness, breath, allowing and letting go, we create the space to connect to our body's innate self-healing wisdom

fascia connective tissue restriction
rolfing helps work related repetitive strain stress injury

imbalances in activity, perception, emotions, injury, poor nutrition hinder our connection to this healing wisdom ...

creating adhesions, scaring, shortening of connective tissue~fascia and restricting motion to encourage stillness for healing



posture before and after 10 rolfing sessions
lawrence rincon, barral certified therapist of visceral manipulation
miami rolfing is a manual therapy process of myofascial release

rolfing® structural integration  is a manual therapy process of creating space by releasing and organizing fascia, liberating the layers of life ... 

including the viscera; fascial structures like the diaphragm are continuous with our liver, heart, ribs, and vertebra - having a great influence on spinal health, digestion, and lung capacity.  

all of which have a great influence on the alignment of body~mind~spirit  



"thank you, not only for your professional healing touch, but also for your willingness to listen and learn from me.  unlike so many of the doctors and therapists i had seen, you didn't see me as 'wrong' or 'broken.'   

your unique work and positive attitude decreased my pain and saved me from surgery.   you have helped me become a stronger person - both physically and emotionally - and for that i am forever grateful”

- emily b, senior manager, corporate responsibility

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